The plan is to use a plan from PowerSpeedEndurance (what used to be Crossfit Endurance) to combine “functional fitness” with running to get faster. The weightlifting portion is going to be 3-5 days/week of strength work and 3 WODs per week. I’m planning on just doing the workouts at my box since we do strength and skill work along with a WOD. On Clean, Snatch and Clean + Jerk days (different days) there might as well be two WODs since there is a 7 minute EMOM for each Olympic lift.

The running portion will be strictly interval work (i.e. 3 x 1 mile @5k pace) Some intervals will be short (400m) and some will be long (5k). The rest portion, in between each interval will be at a very slow pace or walk if needed. Last year, when training for the half marathon, there wasn’t much weightlifting going on, only the interval running. It seemed to work out pretty well as my time wasn’t that bad.

The idea behind PSE is to use combine functional fitness with higher speed running workouts to decrease the amount of time you train. In other words, adding weightlifting and using high-intensity low volume training.