Monday’s are often a good day for me. My body has usually recovered from the previous week and it’s clean and front squat day. This week officially starts my training for the half marathon. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but, I’m experimenting with this new training technique.

My running time of day always vary but I almost always lift weights in the morning. Since it’s Monday, strength work started off with:

5 sets of front squats, working up to 185

3 sets of 5 Pull ups (lots of pull ups in the WOD)

4 sets of Push press working up to 185 x 2. (No time for a 5th set)

I should add that I slipped something in my back in June so I’ve been slowing working things back up.

After that it was time to clean. We do the Clean ABCs as a warm up. It starts out as a series of pauses on the way up to the hip and the gradually adds in each step of the clean…high pull + power clean + front squat + full clean. The skill work was 2 cleans every 45 seconds for 10 sets. You can watch my last 3 sets below if you’d like. If not I went 135, 155 and 175 each for 2.

Then it was time for the WOD: “RAGety Fran”





They like to take a benchmark WOD, add something, and give it a cute name. This one sucked because a 235 pound guy doing 45 pull ups and burpees is not a good combination. A switch to jump pull ups for the last 6 reps of the 15 and 9 sets was needed.

Running took place at night with a short 8 x 200m @ 9-9:15/mile with a 1 minute rest. It was supposed to be a 2 minute rest but it was a bit warmer than expected and I didn’t think the dog would make it…he didn’t. I ran the last 3 sets at the cool down pace for him.