The second run of the week is a longer interval which will range from 800m-1600m for my training plan. The purpose of these intervals is to build stamina and getting the body used to running faster at a consistent pace for each interval.

Warm up: When I trained for a marathon I used to do track workouts with a running group EVERY Wednesday night. The workouts consisted of 4 miles of running intervals and a total of 1 miles of recovery in between the sets with a few exceptions. You were also expected to warm up with at least an easy mile, with a gradually increasing pace beforehand. The fast people always needed 2-3 miles.

I would guess that my warm up starts around a 12:30/mile pace and works up to 10:00/mile.

Workout: Wednesday was 4x800m @ ~10k pace. I haven’t run a 10k in awhile so the pace is based off my last 5 mile race in March. I plugged that time into the McMillan Running Calculator and came up with 8:40/mile for 10k…4 seconds/mile slower than 5 mile pace.

Here are my splits:


As you can see I was a little bit off the pace I should have run at but not by much. As long as I’m practicing running faster than my planned half marathon pace, it’s a successful run. You could also use this to work out to Yasso 800s as it follows the same idea…although there are varying opinions on the rest period and how accurate it is as a marathon time predictor.

Rest Sets:

The rest sets are very slow on purpose. The idea is to get my heart rate down enough so I can get a quality interval. I’ll walk for the first 30-60 seconds of the rest on longer intervals if needed. If you noticed the rest after the 3rd interval is much slower than the others, it’s because I walked for about 45 seconds.  I counted the last rest interval as a cool down set along with the 0.05 miles back to the bottom of my street.


I sliced my finger nice and deep while making breakfast on Tuesday so I didn’t lift on Tuesday and Wednesday. I lifted on Thursday but I’ll break that up into a second post.