Monday started out with a short, slow downhill run, at resting pace, back from the mechanic after I dropped my car off for an oil change. This also knocked out my daily mile for my running streak early in the day. (More on the run streak later) The dog came along and got to sniff some places he hasn’t been since early spring. He can barely make it a mile when it’s over 75 so we’ve been running the same three – 1 mile loops as a warm up. He gets dropped off at the house and I continue on usually.


A little later in the morning (after working) I went to Crossfit for some Front Squats, Push Press, Pull Ups and a clean EMOM. Then we did the wonderful WOD. wod-9-19-2016

I feel apart after the 1 min Shoulder to Overhead. If you try it, you’ll feel it in your shoulders.