The first tempo training run was a 5k TT to help establish a baseline for the rest of training and to use as a comparison later in the plan and life. It’s hard to maintain a 5k race pace outside of a race (as you can see from my splits) so the ideal situation would be to find a 5k to race but, I slept in on Saturday and did the TT on Sunday.


The tempo run will help focus on maintaining pace over the longer distances. The idea is to learn how to gauge intensity and pace to turn it on and off as needed. Holding a pace over a longer distance also builds stamina.

A time trial isn’t really a tempo run but we’ll just ignore that since we’re using it to establish a baseline because the training run next week is at 85% of the pace I ran for this training run. Another tempo run will be 2x5k @ 90% of 5k TT pace. In three weeks I’ll run a 10k TT and use that as a baseline for other training runs.

My goal pace is 9 min/mile and I’ve ran a 25 min 5k (featured picture). This isn’t where I want my training pace to be but it looks like this is what my body can handle. Not sure what happened with the last 0.10 miles. My legs must have stopped working since I don’t think I slowed down.

Since the short intervals and long intervals will be faster than my planned race pace, I still have a shot but only time will tell.