There are so many memes for Monday being international chest day….

…In my world chest day is on Tuesday, even though it only consists of bench press…and push ups if they’re in the WOD. It’s also Deadlift, Ring Row, Hand Stand Push Up and Toes 2 Bar day.

Why do bench press in Crossfit?

The bench press works the deltoids and triceps, and those muscle groups are certainly utilized in pressing and jerking. And the different angle hits all the muscles involved in a slightly different manner. I’m not sure how many boxes incorporate bench press into their strength training but there is a good chance you’ll see an improvement in your overhead lifts. Make sure you also add in some type of rowing on the same day to even out the front and back…ring rows, barbell rows, inverted barbell row, etc.

Today didn’t have any interval running since the WOD had a 5 x 400m in it:

5 Rounds:

  • 3, 6, 9, 12, 15
  • Run 400m

Remember the cute names? This one is called Ascending Dead Nancy.

Because that wasn’t enough, they also threw in a 4 minute burpee tabata. I always decide to make burpees more difficult and do “bar facing burpees” since this is usually what you get in a competition.

This seemed like enough high intensity intervals so I just did my slow mile for the day.