Since my last post  I’ve done two long interval runs, 2 workouts for a Crossfit competition, a tempo run and a bike ride for Pedal the Cause.

The 2 workouts and Pedal the Cause killed my chances for a tempo run over the weekend but it was worth it since I’m helping fight cancer.

The Pedal the Cause ride is an annual bike ride with distance from 15-100 miles. Every rider is required to raise a certain amount of money to ride. 100% of the donations go to Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children’s Hospital to advance cancer research.

The wife and I were supposed to do the 50 miler but neither of us have been riding much so, she wanted to drop down to the 20 miler instead and I didn’t have any objections. It’s a pretty good time. There are a ton of people riding, lots of cheering stations, aid stations with a large variety of snacks and a photo booth at one aid station. Also, Beer and Barbecue at the finish. Can’t really beat that. If you want to donate, here is my link .


Last week was long interval run #2. I lifted the previous three days and had a much better run than the previous week’s long interval run. Average pace was about 8:35.long-interval-2

This week didn’t go as well.


Based on my average heart rate, I either wasn’t feeling as good or didn’t try as hard. I’ve also noticed it harder to judge my pace when I’m running at night as was the case with the last run.

The past week has been a wash for running…I signed up for The Wodapalooza online challenge in Miami. It’s a Crossfit competition on a smaller scale than the Crossfit Games. I’d say it’s similar to the Granite Games if you know what that is.

The first two WODs were posted last Wednesday night:

I’ll put together a post for the workouts.