As I mentioned in the last post, I signed up for the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival’s Online Challenge. It’s a 4 day crossfit event on the waterfront in Miami. It’s similar to the Crossfit games in that you sign up for the online challenge, do the workouts each week and try to finish in the top 45. It’s unlikely I’ll qualify for the intermediate division but, the scaled division is a first come first serve registration process. All I need to do is finish the 6 WODs and be quick with my keyboard.

I did WOD 1 last Friday and it was a tricky one: 6 Rep Max Bear Complex. First you need to know what the Bear Complex is…It’s a power clean, front squat, shoulder to overhead, back squat and another shoulder to overhead…without putting the bar down. For the WOD you have to do it 6 times without putting the bar down. It’s basically a guessing game. Finding a 1 rep max is easy since you can just keep going up. When you have to do 30 reps of things, you can’t really do it once and then increase the weight. If you know yourself, it shouldn’t be that difficult to figure it out.

My max clean and jerk is 225 and 6 rep max for military press is around 155. The front squat and back squats don’t really matter because you’ll probably be closer to you 10 rep max for these. The limiting lift is the shoulder to overhead since there are 12 of them. You need to pick a weight you can push press for most of them since 12 jerks will take a lot out of you. If you can push press the weight you pick, you should be able to clean it 6 times.

I went with 155. It turned out to be a good weight but I think I could have done a little bit more. I wanted to try 160 or 165 but I didn’t think my back would be happy about it. That put me in 774 out of 1450, just in the bottom half of the competition.