All this WODding has really killed my running. I’ve felt pretty run down and have mostly run my mile a day with a long interval last week. I’m skipping the short interval this week and only doing the long interval tomorrow. I’ll do the tempo run if the last WOD of the online challenge doesn’t take too much out of me.

The Long Interval is 3x1k w/3:00 rest. The distance is increasing but the rest is the same as the first long intervals. I’m trying to maintain a steady build up. The tempo run is 5 miles at the 10k TT pace I was supposed to figure out last weekend. I’ll likely end up using this McMillian running calculator to determine my estimated 10k pace.

Two weekends ago I did WOD 2 above.


  • Deadlifts – 185 lbs
  • Overhead Squats – 95 lbs
  • 25 Double Unders in between 21 and 15 and again between 15 and 9

This was a tough one since my double unders during a workout aren’t that great. I can do about 40 if I’m doing them alone but during a workout I realized it’s better for me to alternate between single and double unders each jump. So, it took my 50-60 jumps to get 25 double unders. I ended up finishing the set of 9 deadlifts.


I did WODs 3&4 last Friday and they were the most interesting. I worked up to a max snatch 145, 155 in 5 minutes. I tried 165 but missed it. Then you did the ascending box jumps/power snatch workout, just missed 18 power snatches, and in the last 5 minutes did another max snatch. I think for most people it was probably less but I went 135, 145, 155 again. I tried 165 with about 15 second left and got closer that my first attempt but missed it again. Unlike WOD 5, this one wasn’t too bad.


For my WOD 5 it was Hand Release Push up and Goblet squats instead of HSPU and Pistols…which is good because I can’t do pistols. I can do HSPU but 20 is about it. I doubt I’d finish the second round. The pullups were my weakness on this workout. I was down to singles in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I think I did 10 singles in the 3rd round but, I managed to make it to the fourth round of push ups. About 1 round shy of the average score.

The final workout is going to be released tomorrow, hopefully it’s something short.